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Monday, March 3, 2008

Dallas, Texas Trip

September 13-17, 2006

Dallas snapshots

Urban Market
(Sept. 13, '06)

Sept. 15, 2006 - Our Visit to Reunion Tower - Dallas, Texas
We were fortunate enough to make a quick visit to this place and is close to our hotel. Reunion Tower is often called "the sparkling round jewel of Dallas skyline." The tower stands 50 stories high. I still couldn't forget our ride going up to the tower top with just glass elevators surrounding the elevator. The sight has a breathtaking view, but I couldn't seem to enjoy the sight while going up because of the height :).

We didn't have our lunch so we decided to take it in the revolving restaurant. I love the view from there, plus the fact that the restaurant itself revolves. While the restaurant revolves, you can completely see the whole view of Dallas.

Inside the tower's revolving restaurant.

We had a cook out while visiting my friend in Burkburnett, and also meeting Lisa for the first time from Wichita Falls. They had a good food prepared for us, and it was a hearty meal.

After the heartful lunch, we went for an ice cream as our dessert! :)