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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Trip

February 16-18, 2006

Fourteen days after I arrived, I guess I considered myself lucky to take my first trip to another State...Pennsylvania.

The Grand Concourse Restaurant, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
The photo is the scene you would see when you pass through the entrance.This fascinating restaurant exactly looks like somewhat a basilica or old cathedral. Ambiance is cool, and usually has scenes that are appreciative during nightime. It is a good site when you want to witness a big fireworks display. They usually do this during the New Year's eve, where the resto would always be fully packed! Grand Concourse used to be an old subway station converted into a big restaurant, now Grand Concourse. By the way they serve good soup and rice, :)

My husband's co workers invited us for a dinner during our first night, and it was a blast! I had a hard time deciding what to get for a meal because I was still looking for the ideal Filipino meal...I was still adjusting and hadn't been eating much lately after I arrived. I wasn't used to eating vegetable salads (fresh). It was a good idea for me to get a soup...and yes, thank God, they have rice :)
We had a short walk close by our hotel (Marriott) where we were checked in. Weather was good, but sharply chilly!
The background is a cathedral church, just infront of marriot Hotel where we stayed in.

Our last day was taken cared of by my hubby's co worker, Jill, and a good friend to us. She took us to Sweet Basil & La Filipiniana Restaurant, a Filipino-Thai restaurant. I wasn't sure of the exact location of the restaurant, but it was still in Pittsburgh.

Me and Jill

We had a nice chatting time with Jill that day. I finally was able to take a good meal that day. I had pork adobo and sinigang, :) I had been eating mostly pasta the rest of the days...(that was still during my adjustment period.)
Thanks Jill.