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Monday, February 4, 2008

Manila American Cemetery and Memorial Tour

January 19, 2006 - This was actually part of our Manila Tour which includes Fort Santiago, and some places in the city of Manila. Since I wasn't able to get much photos of the places where we toured in Manila, I would only be sharing this tour and another one from Fort Santiago. These two famous landmarks are the only places where we actually allowed to go down the tourist vehicle and take time to go around and take photos around the place. Other than that are mobile tours in which I think mostly it's not an ideal way of getting photos while you are in motion :)

The headstones:
These are arranged in concentric circular rows around the high point on which the memorial stands. Burial area is divided into 11 plots of varying sizes.

The Chapel Area: The chapel area stands between the south ends of the hemicycles. The photo below where I am is the chapel's door entrance going inside.

The Large Hemicycles - within which contains the Tablets of the Missing inscriptions.
We actually saw several missing soldiers who died during the war who carries our own family name...whether they are our relatives or not, we felt proud that we have those kind of heroes who died for our beloved countries.