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Friday, February 29, 2008

ICELAND - "Nightlife Capital of the North"

I got curious reading about Iceland. And there are 5 fun facts about it:
  1. Because drinks costs about $15, most Icelanders party at home before going out. Bars stay open until 8 AM on weekends.
  2. Iceland receives only 4 hours of daylight during winter. In summer, the nights are nearly as bright as days. This may explain why no one ever seems to sleep.
  3. Icelanders aren't big on personal space, so don't get offended if someone shoves past you in a crowded bar.
  4. Brennivin, Iceland's national rotgut, is nicknamed Black Death. Most locals who aren't homeless won't go anywhere near the sickening schnapps, but it's sometimes used as a chaser after a bite of hakari, a traditional dish of putrefied shark meat.
  5. Icelandic women are not only uniformly attractive and fluent in English, they are also among the "friendliest" in Europe.