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Monday, February 18, 2008

Filipiniana Festival

June 11, 2006 - Chessapeak, Maryland

This was my first time witnessing the festival here in Maryland and in the whole US of A! :) Of course, one thing that made me excited was the Filipino food. :) I was missing it since I was here.

Hubby wasn't sure where the exact place was, and so we were just having a tough task trying to park our car close by. Anyway, we passed through that and by the time we were able to get through the place, I was hungry. So...time to look for food! It was so hot and humid that day, and hubby was wearing his barong tagalog and so he was sweating like crazy. Anyway, we were able to take a place under the shade, while we ate our food.

Photo Sharing MyPhotoAlbum

Photo Sharing MyPhotoAlbum

It was a good thing we were able to catch a glimpse of the parade (santacruzan) and took some shots. Afterwhich we went around and looked up some stalls. There were lot of stalls around selling different products that came from the Philippines (mostly). It was actually like you're in a Baclaran area in Manila where most of the products are affordable.

There were also some cultural presentations showcasing Filipino's unique culture, dances, songs, and even the famous Filipiniana dresses and barongs.

Later in the afternoon they had some mini concerts, mostly were bands run by Fil-Ams. I find it noisy, so we just had to go home after buying little stuffs.