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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Denver, Colorado Trip Adventures

August 14-19, 2006
We had a long flight from Baltimore to Detroit and from Detroit to Denver. This trip lasted for 4 hours which was pretty much exhausting. It must be so far the toughest trip we encountered because we both had the “altitude sickness” which at first we were not aware we were getting it. We were unaware that geographically speaking, we were 6,450 feet high above sea level. I was nauseated and got nasal headaches while hubby was having trouble breathing at times. It was manageable though, so thank God for that .
We got several itineraries as planned. Since we had a rented car, we managed to visit someplaces:

Red Rock Amphitheater – this place was really captivating! The long seemed unendless stairs going up was really challenging. Once you reach the top, you can see the famous amphitheatre which was famously called carved by Mother Nature.

Coors Field - we were able to witness this place when we were invited to watch a baseball game. My first time ever to watch this game. It was fun doing it and cheering for the Colorado Rockies against the Diamond Backs. Geesh,our team was lost :(.

Rocky Mountain National Park:

Denver Museum of Nature & Science: