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Friday, January 25, 2008

Garin Farm Visit

May 30, 2005 -

My husband had been enjoying my family's company since the first visit he made. So, this was another one of the few outings we made within Iloilo, - my hometown.

Garin Farm Resort in Guimbal Town, Iloilo Province

Garin Farm is at least 40 minutes away from Iloilo city by vehicle, located in Guimbal, one of the provinces in Iloilo. This was just a short visit (about 30 minutes) so, I can't discuss and share much about the farm, except from the observations I had during the first 30 minutes :)
Actually, this was my first visit to this place. I admit, being an Iloilo resident for 20 years, I am still a "foreigner" in my own native land. LOL!

Anyway, Garin farm is also classified as a resort, they say, probably because it has been considered as the first modern farm dubbed as the farmer's paradise, where it is an ideal sanctuary for family retreats. It is a 10-hectare area.

One memorable thing in there was when we tasted their farm-processed dairy, ice cream made from buffalo's milk. It was tasty!

We missed boarding the "caromata", a cattle-pulled sled that could carry 20 people. They can't find the carabao I guess :))

Photo Sharing MyPhotoAlbum
Me, hubby and family

Photo Sharing MyPhotoAlbum
Me and hubby @ Garin farm


Toto said...

Hi there! Thanks for blogging about Garin Farm. We are actually planning to go there this vacation. I just wonder how much is the entrance fee. Bdw, Guimbal's one of the towns in Iloilo Province. :-)